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Leaders Lead; Followers Follow, and Obama Stays on the Campaign Trail

It looks like Obama will get his wish, at least for awhile. Reminiscent of his first campaign, where he worked to disqualify all of his opponents, Obama has rejected Sen. McCain's call to suspend the campaign and work to avert financial disaster.

This reveals clearer than anything else to date what each candidate considers their top priorities.

McCain believes that the good of the nation is more important than his campaign. Obama believes that staying on the campaign is more important.

McCain believes that the crisis is real, and deserves the complete attention of the Senate. Obama believes he can devote only a portion of his time to the issue.

McCain believes you have to lead, follow or get out of the way. Obama believes you must get in the way.

McCain values country over politics. Obama values himself over country.

As President, we can expect John McCain to give his full attention to any crisis that arises while he's on duty. As President, we can't even expect Obama to be present during a crisis.

Do we really want a President who thinks he can just phone it in?
Posted by Rich
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do we really want a President who is incapable of handling more than one cisis and or task at a time?
Posted by paula  on  09/24  at  07:38 PM

I'm not certain when an election campaign became a crisis, but I'm fairly certain that a potential meltdown of the US economy is a crisis that requires focus, and should be the primary issue on the minds of all Senators, whether they are candidates or not.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  09/24  at  10:25 PM

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