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Robert Mapplethorpe can exhibit pictures of men with unusual objects rammed up their butts, and that's Art, and protected from obscenity/indecency charges, but ending an erotic dance routine performed to a song with sexually explicit lyrics by baring a breast is not.

What's the word I'm looking for here?
Posted by Rich
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<i>What's the word I'm looking for here?</i>

Probably national television.
Posted by Manish  on  02/06  at  07:21 PM

So, indecency is OK in some public forums, but not others?

By the way, the first bare breast I saw on National TV was on PBS, in a production of "The Trojan Women" back in the late 70's. It was OK, because a greek play, and that made it "art".
Posted by rich  on  02/09  at  11:49 AM

I remember seeing bare breasts on "Holocaust" on NBC back in the 80's (70's?) and being quite surprised. But it wasn't designed to titillate (sorry), it was the realistic portrayal of concentration camp victims marching to the gas chamber.

And just because the NEA approved funding for the Mapplethorpe exhibit doesn't mean the entire artistic community supported it any more than the entire music industry supported what Janet and Justin did.
Posted by Barry  on  02/10  at  03:28 PM

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