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Live blogging Bonnaroo

I'm not sure how long this connection will last, but while it does, expect to read my thoughts on the Police as they take the stage in about 15 minutes.

8:47 This laptop has more than lived up to my expectations. As I sit in the middle of this field typing, I have about 4.5 hours of battery life. I expect I'll need it.

8:51 I just had a web designer ask if I was really online or not.

I am.

8:52 A girl just asked if she could check her myspace.

8:54 I can't touch type. This should be interesting.

8:55 I'm proud to accept the nomination as world's biggest geek for live blogging a rock concert.

9:00 Open with Message in a Bottle. The crowd of 80,000+ rises to it's feet. Ok, some stagger to their knees but the thought was there.

9:04 I'm probably 150-200 yards from the stage and at this distance, Sting looks like a horse's butt. Wait, I'm sorry, that's the actual butt of the guy standing in front of me.

9:05 Many Miles Away??? The mix is a little bass heavy.

9:09 The Elvis Twins, jumpsuits and all, just walked behind me.

9:11 Walkin' on the Moon. I;m not entirely certain, but I think somebody nearby is smoking something that isn't tobacco based. Don't tell anybody, OK?

9:15 This s the perfect antidote to Tool, who played last night. They were all about anger, rage, and aggression. I skipped the show but could still hear it from my tent, so the cleaner happier sound of the Police is a welcome contrast.

9:16 Some song I don't know. Driven to Tears??? Enough people have sat down so I can see one of the video screens now.

9:21 Voices. I heard about Stewart Copeland calling Sting a "prancing little man" on stage. I haven't seen that, but it does seem that Sting has been so sensitive for so long, he's forgotten how to rock.

9:22 I may be getting some of these song titles wrong. That's okay. I think the band is getting some of the notes wrong as well. Just kidding guys. (Like they are going to read this.)

9;30 Another song I don't know. Sting is singing "Woo-ooohhh-oooh" if that helps. Truth is everybody?

9:35 Every Little Thing She Does, with a little calypso feel to it. Sing along....Eeeooohoh

9:37 I'm not sure if Sting is aware of where he is. He hasn't said the word "Bonnaroo" yet. Then again, it is a silly word.

9:38 Wrapped Around your Finger. Sting is definitely more comfortable on the slower,more sensitive numbers.

9:47 ASIDK. Just had a nice conversation with the girl sitting behind me who wanted to know what the heck I was doing. She was very nice and refrained from telling me how strange I was.

9:50 De Doo Doo Doo, De Dah Dah Dah Sting skipped the high notes but he's going to be singing for another couple of hours, so that's understandable. I skip the high notes when I'm singing in the shower.

9:55 Walking in your Footsteps. Nice bongos. Oops, sorry, that's the girl standing in front of me.

10:00 ASIDK I Can't Stand Losing You?? Sting says "Bonnaroo" for the first time. Also the first number that begins to rock.

10:01 Roxanne And the crowd goes wild.

10:17 Every Little Thing She Does is Magic

10:22 ASIDK

10:27 The last few entries were sparse. I was trying to use the internet to help a young lady named Hannah find her group. She needed a phone number so she tried a reverse lookup. Ain't the internet cool?

10:30 Every Breath you Take. Sting pretended to end the show an hour early. Uncool.

10:36 ASIDK but it rocks. For the first time tonight, I suspect Sting still possesses his testicles.

10:42 And the show is over, 45 minutes early. I want my money back. Hey, do you think Meatloaf will ever play Bonnaroo?

Thus ends the Police live blogging experience. I hope you enjoyed it/
Posted by Rich
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Great post!

Nice to see that you're still alive!
Posted by Tish  on  06/18  at  06:55 PM

Posted by WTF  on  05/21  at  02:11 PM

The Police was one on the main reasons I didn't go....I knew they were going to suck.
Posted by phil  on  05/23  at  09:23 AM

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