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Monstrous Beat

This is the first bad beat story I've ever posted, and if I'm really really lucky, it will be the only one.

But I'm not gonna hold my breath on that one.

I was playing in a freeroll tournament online, and we were in the 4th level. Blinds were 50/100 and I was the small blind.

I got A 4c. The 2 players in early position folded, the next guy called, 1 more folded the next guy called and the dealer folded. I completed, then the BB raised it 200. It was called around and we went to a 4 way flop.

The flop came 4h 4d Jd, giving me a very sneaky set with an ace kicker. I checked, BB bet out 1000. Middle caller folded, late player and I both called. I was thinking that BB may have had jacks for a higher set, given the pre-flop raise.

The turn came Ad, giving me a full house fours full of aces, and putting a possible flush on the board.

I saw dollar signs, baby!

Meanwhile, BB had the late guy on tilt from an earlier beat, so I was counting on that distraction to help me disguise my monster.

I checked, BB checked, and late man went all in declaring he had trips. Since he was on tilt, I figured he was telling the truth, and he had the other 4. I called, putting me all in as did the BB, who had us both covered. BB had KcKd giving him 2 pair and 4 to a flush, both hands I had beat. Late man had 3 fours and that was it. If he caught an ace, we would chop. BB needed a K to beat me on the river.

HE CAUGHT THE %^*(&^$%$!!

I'm not very happy right now, but I did manage not to throw my laptop across the room, so if you think about it, in a way, I'm up about 800 bucks.
Posted by Rich
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There, there ... *pats Rich on shoulder*
It'll be OK.

(Does that translate to English? Because I have not the bloodiest clue what that was all about, except that it almost resulted in the demise of a laptop ... )

Oh ... when's the next partay? And can it be a tad to the west, and in a more family-friendly environment? (Cathy made me ask that, and said to bat my eyelashes when I did)
Posted by LissaKay  on  01/08  at  11:18 PM

Rich, you have a way with women wink

I would love to get together with folks sometime...and west is better for me too! I hope I can finally make one of these Knoxville blogger get-togethers. If only so that LissaKay can bat her eyes at me, too wink
Posted by Barry  on  01/09  at  12:09 AM

I'll get started on planning the next bash. Last time, several folks suggested Bailey's out west, so that's where I'm planning to hold the next one. I want to work it in before the end of the month, so I'll get moving. And for the non-poker players in the audience, the point of the story was I was in a very good spot with a lot of chips on the table, about to triple up and move into a dominant position in the tournament. There was only 2 cards in the deck that could beat me, and one of them came up.

Ah well, like they say, unlucky with cards, lucky in love.
Posted by rich  on  01/09  at  12:34 AM

Apparently, we need an RTB poker game.

And I don't want to hear it. Last night, i get pocket kings. Raise blind X 6. To me left, raise. To his left, all in. If you won't go all in pre-flop with KK, you won't ever. I call. Guy to my left calls. $90ish in the pot. Both have pocket aces.

They say to me 'look on the bright side, neither of us can improve.'
Posted by SayUncle  on  01/09  at  09:26 AM

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