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Multicultural Myopia.

Let me get this straight:

If a Christian landlord refuses to rent to a gay couple based on his religious beliefs, we should condemn him as a homophobic bigot.

If a Muslim cab driver refuses to carry a passenger because that passenger is carrying alcohol, or is transgendered, we should respect his religion and set up an entirely separate system for him, in order to show respect for his religion.

I don't think so.
Posted by Rich
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So you're cool with requiring druggists having to supply emergency contraception, even over their religious objections?

I'm down with that!
Posted by Tree  on  10/16  at  04:34 PM

All I'm saying is that it should be one way or the other, not both. Either we respect religious injunctions or we don't.

As for my opinion on which way it should be, I haven't stated it yet.
Posted by rich  on  10/16  at  04:44 PM

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