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This is a 12 gallon NanoCube, an all in one aquarium. We've got a freshwater tank, with 6 African Cichlids, and two of the kids have betta's in tanks, but I decided I wanted to try something different, a Nano reef. (For those non tech geeks, "nano" in scientific notation means 10e-9. (Man, I wish I had one of those 1972 typewriters that did superscripts. Those were the days! I'm sure there's a text formatting code for superscripts, but I don't know it. 10-9 Found it.) Used here, it just means very small.) The stuff you see in the aquarium is called live rock. It's got lots of critters like tiny shrimps and a few small snails and god only knows what all else growing in it. It makes a great base for corals and other invertebrates, and acts as a natural sort of filter, keeping the aquarium water clean.

Right now, I jus finished cycling the tank (allowing the water chemistry to stabilize due to the living, dying, and scavaging of said critters and other micro-organisms) and added a few snails and a couple of hermit crabs to start eating the algae. Once the water stabilizes again, I'm going to add a coral or two, or possible some feather duster worms if I can find some.
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