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Name That Movie 3: Final Friday

A couple of people have said they already know what the movie is, so I'm just going to post this and see how fast they get the answer up.

Final Clue: This movie was Farmer Ted's debut.

Guest Clue: A player who knows the answer has given the following clue: This movie had its World Premiere in Knoxville as part of the World's Fair
Posted by Rich
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Posted by Cathy  on  05/02  at  12:16 PM

I'm not telling, I'm not telling...

But I will say 'Beer'....
Posted by David  on  05/02  at  12:22 PM

I prefer Diet Coke
Posted by LissaKay  on  05/02  at  01:17 PM

Well for me it depends on the situation. I'm more likely to drink DC at work than beer.

However it was more the distribution format that caused me to say that. smile
Posted by David  on  05/02  at  01:33 PM

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