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Name the Movie 3:  Thursday’s First Clue

This daughter of a Playboy centerfold has a thing for fancy footwear.
Posted by Rich
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One of my favorite actors, Diane Lane

Oops! Did I spoil all the fun today?
Posted by LissaKay  on  05/01  at  09:36 AM

Oh, and I know the movie already too! :D
Posted by LissaKay  on  05/01  at  09:42 AM

What are you doing up so early?*grin*
Posted by rich  on  05/01  at  11:11 AM

yea, I got Erin Grey because I figured out the movie... smile
Posted by David  on  05/01  at  01:38 PM

Well, I'm outta this one cause I never heard of the Weekend at Bernie's guy and never knew any movies Erin Grey has been in ('cept the Buck Rogers Movie).

Posted by Barry  on  05/01  at  02:40 PM

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