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In yesterday's podcast, I called on folks to leave Michael J. Fox alone. Some people are criticizing him for going of his meds to dramatize his condition.

Today, Fox claims he wasn't off his meds, that the tremors and slurred speech were a normal occurrence, implying that his medications weren't always effective or reliable.

You can imagine this came as quite a shock to me since just a couple of months ago, I saw him on Inside the Actors Studio, where he gave an extended interview with nary a twitch. In fact, at one point, he halted the interview so he could go of stage and take his meds in order to complete the show with minimal palsy.

Coincidentally, that episode is being rebroadcast on Oct 30th. Check it out for yourself and see if you think Fox was really on his meds or not.

In my book, he's gone from a hero to a zero.
Posted by Rich
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Don't go off on Marty McFly. He'll hop in the Delorean and break up your great-grandparents...

But I don't see how you expect the symptoms of Parkinson's to be consistent, day in and day out, from moment to moment when it's still fairly early in the onset. He may have good days and bad days. To suspect he's off his meds is one thing, and you can debate it privately all you want. We all do things like that. To accuse him of it publicly without having any facts whatsoever is reprehensible. That Rush did it is not surprising, but I would expect better of you to base you opinion on a show you saw several months ago that may have been taped even longer back.

Do you know exactly when that show was taped? Was it even in 2006?
Posted by Barry  on  10/30  at  04:10 PM

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