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I got some good advice on the last one, so here we go again. One of the best recommendations was to take a defensive shotgun course. I followed a couple of links, and found a school in Charlotte, NC, but they aren't offering another shotgun course for several months. So does anybody know of a good defensive shotgun course located within a 4-5 hour drive of Knoxville TN? The ideal course would be one tailored for the absolute beginner that stresses exercises that I can continue to practice after I get back home.

As for additions to the shotgun, I've decided to keep it fairly simple. Since I'm 6' 300lbs, and my wife is not, I'm going to get an adjustable stock, probably the Knox Spec Ops since it also reduces recoil, and has gotten good reviews everywhere I've read. I also want to add a flashlight, so recommendations on that are certainly welcome. Some of the ones I looked at online were more expensive than the gun itself. I'm looking for value, not cheap. Finally, I will add some sort of shell carrier.

I thought about adding ghost ring sights, but I think I'll wait and see if it turns out that I'll need them.

Thanks for all the good suggestions.
Posted by Rich
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You can get a surefire G3 nitrolon flashlight at coal creek for about $32. Or at amazon for the same.
Posted by SayUncle  on  06/25  at  07:52 AM

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