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Liberal Democrats. Yes they're a notch below Republicans on the slime wagon, not because they are more corrupt. They aren't, not really. A corrupt politician is a corrupt politician, whether there's a "D" or an "R" after their name.

No, liberal Democrats rate lower simply because they continue to peddle a doctrine that has failed every single time it's been tried. While some would tend to give them high marks for consistency, I refuse to reward a man for consistently rejecting reality, ignoring the facts, or for cynically manipulating others into doing so for their own personal gain, and that, folks, describes every single liberal Democrat, bar none.

Now that I've raised some more blood pressures, let's examine this absolute statement a little bit closer. First, note that I said liberal Democrat, and not just Democrat. There's a reason for that; not all Democrats have gone insane. Some are still attached to the real world the rest of us live in. While their priorities are different than conservatives, leading them to different policy directions, they are still grounded in reality. Sadly, since the inmates have taken over the Democratic Party (cf Howard "Yeeeeaaarrrgghhhhh!" Dean, a man I had some hopes for early in his tenure as DNC chair) most moderate Democrats are no longer welcome in their own party. Just ask Joe Lieberman.

So if I'm not talking about the moderates, who am I talking about?
  • The guy who thinks we need to set a date to leave Iraq, thus insuring defeat, as well as the bloody deaths of tens of thousands of Shia Iraqis.
  • The guy who thinks playing loud music to terrorists caught on the field of battle is equivalent to gassing millions of people based on their religion.
  • The guy who will lie, cheat, steal, or distort history because his side needs to win "by any means necessary."
  • The guy who looks at the phrase "the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed" and sees, "Citizens are not allowed to keep or bear arms."
  • The guy who thinks that 1500 casualties over a 2 year period is equivalent to hundreds of casualties a day.
  • The guy who thinks private property is a privilege, not a right.
  • The guy who thinks 9/11 was our fault.
  • The guy who thinks 9/11 was a good thing.
  • The guy who thinks the world owes him a living just because his dumb ass was lucky enough to be born in the wealthiest society in history. (More on this particular moron in a couple of days.)
  • The guy who....but you get the point.

There was a time not too long ago when liberalism was a good thing. Remember JFK? Remember "Ask not what your country can do for you...?" Heard any liberals singing that tune in the last decade or so? Hell, any that tried would be drummed out of the party in a heartbeat. That's all modern liberals are about anymore, what your country can do for you. According to them, it is the government's responsibility to provide housing, job security, healthcare, education, a comfortable standard of living, food, clothing, and every other basic need to every citizen. After all, everybody has a right to these things; just ask a liberal and he'll tell you. Except for those dirty rotten rich people, who get to pay for everything.

Serves them right for going out and making more than everybody else.

Forget about the corrosive nature of welfare on the human spirit for a moment; let's just deal with the basic assumption implicit in progressive taxation. When you say that those who make more should pay not just proportionally more but a higher percentage of their earnings because "they can afford it," what you are really saying is that somehow what they've worked for is not really theirs, and that other people who are totally uninvolved in earning that money have a higher claim on it than the people who made it.

So how is it that the same folks who are all in favor of progressive taxation scream bloody murder when the exact same philosophy is applied to their house? i.e. the Kelo decision. Taking is taking whether it's income or real estate. The answer is simple; modern liberals are all in favor of taking the fruits of somebody else's labors, but when it comes to theirs, you'd better back off bubba! Not everyone makes a 6 figure income, but damn near everybody owns a house, or dreams of buying one. It brings that "taking" a little too close to home for some liberals.

And that's the core hypocrisy that makes liberal Democrats so slimy; not only do they espouse a fatally flawed doctrine of entitlement, but when the consequences of that doctrine turn around and bite them in the ass, they cry foul.

Now then, lest my liberal readers feel the need to commit seppuku, allow me to point out that we've only just begun our Dantean journey. This particular tour still has three more levels of slime before we hit bottom. So cheer up boys and girls, you're not even close to the worst. We've levels of depravity undreamed of yet to explore.

But there's always tomorrow!
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