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Nobody Dies

The picture linked below has resulted in no deaths. Not by stoning, decapitation, hanging, or immolation. In fact, nobody has been injured as a result of this drawing despite its offensive, incendiary nature.

It is obscene, derogatory, extremely profane, potentially racist, and certainly NSFW. It is not funny in the least, and has no socially redeeming value whatsoever.

It exists for one reason, and one reason only.

To demonstrate the profound difference between fundamentalists of different religions.

Remember, I warned you that it was profane, obscene, and offensive, and NSFW. It involves various deities in compromising positions. Despite the fact that I am a fundamentalist follower of one of those deities and find the image offensive, even as I understand the underlying message, I feel no burning desire to behead, stone, assault, or otherwise physically harm the artist.

For obvious reasons, this post will not be on Babble!
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