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Now That’s What I Call a Win-Win!

The Vols beat Wisconsin despite being shut out in the second half yet again, and the Gators lose to unranked Michigan. Tim Tebow is the most overrated and over-hyped quarterback since Ryan Leaf. Once again, the darling of the Heisman voters proves the irrelevance of the award by choking during the big game.

Tennessee showed flashes of excellence today, but those flashes were overcome by torrents of mediocrity, interrupted by episodes of total incoherency. Who came up with that play where they all stood around while Ainge casually picked up the ball and stuck it between the running back's legs? What was up with that? I could understand it if the offense had been struggling, but Ainge had just led them 60+ yards down the field to get them into scoring position. And who was responsible for replacing Ainge with Gerald Jones at the tail end of what should have been another scoring drive? And why is Tennessee the only team in the NCAA that doesn't make offensive adjustments in the second half?

For Coach Cutcliffe's sake, I hope Duke wasn't watching.

Ah well, a win is a win, and other than getting blown out by Florida (again) and Bama and Cal, it was a pretty successful season. The Vols avoided the nasty upset that trapped so many other teams, and managed to play well for three quarters in the SEC championship game.

For the first time in several years, the SEC is living up to its billing as the toughest conference in the nation. As I'm writing this, the SEC is 5-2 and Georgia is walloping Hawaii 24-3. All that remains is for LSU to pull off an upset and send Ohio State home crying to cap off a very successful post season. The Buckeyes haven't fared well against the SEC in bowl games going 0-8 including back to back losses to South Carolina and last years 10 point loss to number 2 Florida.

You can't spell Ohio without an "0", so I figure they're gonna be 0 for 9 against the SEC after the title game.
Posted by Rich
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Well, I got part of the UT house cleaning I wanted for Christmas, but I think there's more to be done.

Posted by Mushy  on  01/02  at  02:59 PM

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