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Obama Lied: The Infanticide Story.

I'm bringing this up because Obama has released an ad claiming that his 4 votes against a bill that would require medical treatment for babies who survive an abortion procedure were taken out of context by the McCain campaign.

Being the generous sort of person I am, I'm more than happy to provide all the context as it amply demonstrates the content of Sen Obama's character.

First the background.

In 2001, the Federal government, based on testimony before Congress that told horror stories of babies who survived abortion attempts being left in closets to die, enacted the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which in its amended form, required treatment for infant abortion survivors, while containing language that isolated this law from having any impact on abortion rights. The bill was worded strongly enough that even NARAL did not object to it.

In 2003, a similar bill was introduced into the Illinois Congress, where it was opposed by then State Senator Obama. Hie says that his reason for opposing the bill, which only applied to babies that were born alive, was that it didn't contain the federal language which insulated abortion rights from the bill's provisions.

He's lying.

The Health and Human Services Committee, chaired by Obama, passed an amendment that added the federal language to the bill. Obama voted for the amendment, and it passed, 10-0. He then voted against the bill, even though it contained the federal language he wanted, and it died, 4-6 on a party line vote.

His excuse that he would have voted for the Federal bill if he'd been in the US Senate at the time is another lie.

This post relies almost exclusively on facts and time-lines available from the National Right to Life Committee. Their collection of source documents makes it perfectly clear that Obama is lying.

Whether you consider Obama's actions against this bill as supporting infanticide or not is irrelevant. The truth is that he voted against a bill that passed the US Congress without a single dissenting vote, and without the objection of NARAL. For a man who voted present 130+ times, that makes his stand here even more remarkable. He has since lied repeatedly about his reasons for doing so, and by inference has lied about his willingness to support the Federal version of the legislation.

That is the context, and when you view the McCain ad and the Obama response from that context, it is clear that Obama is the one that's factually deficient.

But then again, he only promised us change and hope, not truth and honesty.
Posted by Rich
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