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On the List of the Top Ten Signs You’ve Hosted a Successful Blogfest…

Number One: You get the following Twitters:

Lissa: Blogfest!

Cathy McCaughan: Stripping naked and boiling my clothes.
Posted by Rich
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Thanks for organizing the event, Rich. It was good to see some familiar faces and good to meet some new folks.
Posted by Craig T.  on  01/19  at  01:19 PM

I had a good time you adorable man. wink
Posted by Cathy  on  01/19  at  02:30 PM

... you are an excellent host.... I am sorry that I didnt get a chance to talk to you more... perhaps next time...
Posted by Eric  on  01/19  at  05:10 PM

Thanks for putting things together, Rich.

And I actually got to see people Twittering.
Posted by Les Jones  on  01/19  at  10:56 PM

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