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Only a Liberal Could Say This with a Straight Face

From Knoxviews commenter rikki:

Gunnies are the soggiest bedwetters on the planet... I have no problem with gun owners or permit holders. I do think the State of Tennessee should look into handing out free diapers with each carry permit.

Comments like this one help to explain why we are winning. I think rikki and this young lady should get together.

I'm sure they'd have a lot to talk about.

Posted by Rich
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Summarized: I was wrong but you guys are still crybabies.

Pity. Rikki's one of the smarter, more respectable moonbats over there.
Posted by SayUncle  on  07/28  at  02:22 PM

I want some of what she's smokin! It would be free and not hurt you!
Posted by George  on  07/28  at  05:44 PM

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