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PolitiFact Tennessee Doubles Down on stupid

Yesterday, I wrote about Bartholomew Sullivan's rating of Marsha Blackburn as "Mostly False," based on her slight exaggeration of the number of medical equipment jobs in Tennessee. In that post, I wrote:
Sullivan is a hack whose sole purpose is to advance a liberal agenda, and since Zack McMillan, the editor of PolitiFact Tennessee continues to publish his pieces, he is guilty as well.

Apparently, Zack was insulted by my suggestion that all he could do was edit crap, and wanted to show that he could write crap as well.

Today's PolitiFact Tennessee article regards The Tennessee Democratic Party's claim that Mitt Romney said we don't need more police, more firefighters and more teachers. Here's Zack's conclusion:
The Tennessee Democratic Party says Mitt Romney has said "we don't need 'more firemen, more policemen, more teachers.' "

That's a slight exaggeration of Romney's remarks -- he was responding to Obama's comments on them, not outlining his own specific policy against them. Still, that's pretty close to what Romney said. We rate the claim Mostly True.

So, an exaggeration one way is Mostly False, but the other way is Mostly True.

The word is 'bias' and PolitiFact Tennessee, reeks of it.

I'm just amazed that the folks at the KNS aren't embarrassed that they continue to publish this garbage. Are there any real journalists left in the shed on the hill? I know they fired most of them in the last purge, but surely one or two survive?

Maybe in the Sports department?
Posted by Rich
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