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Proof positive of time travel

Check out this pic from the Age website:

Obviously, people from the future went back in time and left us this message, unmistakable evidence that time travel is possible.

Or it could be a coincidence....

You be the judge.
Posted by Rich
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Well if they have the technology to travel back in time to draw of picture. Wouldn't you think they would have the technology to at least draw a decent picture of Mickey?
Posted by Isaac  on  11/19  at  10:12 AM

Close but no cigar. I agree with Isaac. And anyway, if you are going to start a debate about something like this, I think you should set forth the facts surrounding the 700 year old discovery i.e. particulars regarding where exactly it was found and what else was found along with it. I'm not saying I'm a nonbeliever in time travel but geez-you're not helping to convince me either!
Posted by Tracy  on  01/23  at  11:48 PM

blabiddy blook lalalala clockity clock clock
Posted by billy bob  on  01/24  at  01:52 PM

I bought a time machine then now why even tell you and believe i all ready wrote this.
Posted by chad woodbury  on  07/02  at  12:22 PM

I Did Everything once so believe your in heaven and you are then go back to now and then you were in now and proof every one wrong by bringing technogy back and walk on water and believe it was impossibe now with technogy and proof to people you can change print on paper.
Posted by you from the furture  on  07/02  at  12:31 PM

that is a picture of a guy in a wolf mask..the two circles look more like breasts or even moons..ironic...but i can swear its a wolf mask..anyways..if you are searching for that kid of proof..ala daniken..why not post the pictures of the drawings made by the aborigines in australia?..that one of the white guy in a obvious space costume..(well it can be) looking all nasa like is more convincing.dude i can bring up more coincidences in history that suggest a better plausability then that..but thanks for the least its a honest attempt.
Posted by wired_duck  on  08/09  at  11:38 PM

looks like a person in a bear suit rather than mickey..Bs for sure
Posted by phr0  on  09/16  at  06:49 AM

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