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Racism or Realism?  You Make the Call!

MowTShirt.jpgMy daughter is mad at me because I find this T-Shirt directly on point as a satirical comment on the current immigration mess. My daughter believes that the shirt is racist.

Before we answer that question, let me ask another one. If the image was of a white man over the Mexican flag, would that be racist?

The answer is obviously "yes". It would imply that Mexicans are a subject race, good only for manual labor. It implies ownership, and would be extremely offensive.

But the image here is of Vincente Fox, Mexico's President, and that makes a huge difference.

Here's the thing; it's beyond argument that the primary factor leading to Mexican poverty is governmental corruption, incompetence, and mismanagement. It's also beyond argument that the Mexican government is acting to facilitate illegal immigration into America. They've published multiple guides for their citizens that not only give tips to those crossing on how to avoid border guards and patrols, but how to avoid immigration agents once in the country while obtaining benefits both legally and illegally. The Yucatan government published a guide almost 100 pages long, giving detailed advice on how to cross, where to cross, how to avoid INS while in the US, how to get a driver's license and obtain services. In short, it is a detailed guide on how to be an illegal immigrant. The Mexican government has also established community groups in the US to advocate for increased benefits for illegal aliens, such as in-state tuition for illegals at US universities.

So, given that the Mexican government would rather outsource its problems by sending thousands of illegals across our borders every year rather than take the steps needed to grow an economy at home, I think the T-shirt is perfectly appropriate. It skewers Vincente Fox, showing him to be just as arrogant as Marie "Let them eat cake" Antoinette.

Now, what do y'all think? Is it racism, or satire?
Posted by Rich
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what is wrong when you tell someone to stay where your from until you are a welcome citizen, I worked hard for for my (legaly) benifits, but no you are taking what I worked for for free, you are scum, you are like the welfare people from new orleans, at least most of the ones I met, ask them, most of them have never had a job and only know taxpayers handouts., a job would scare the shit out of them , please do not ad to our misery, they are the (shit), of the human race, please wait, I as for one welcome a working person , but we have to get rid of the foul of our nation , we have only a small time when they will kill themselve, hopefully, please bear with is, you are a hard working people, just be patient, the blacks only are 18 percent productive...they will not be dominant!
Posted by Ken  on  01/18  at  10:32 PM

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