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Rosie O’Donnell and Fundamentalism

A few days ago, Rosie made the claim that Christian Fundamentalism was just as dangerous in this country as Islamic Fundamentalism.

An odd statement coming from her, since an Islamic fundamentalist state would have executed her by stoning long ago, and here in Jesusland, we give her millions of dollars to be on a talk show.

Of course, she wasn't speaking in isolation. Many on the left say the same thing, that fundamentalist Christians are just as dangerous as Islamic jihadists intent on placing the whole world under their version of sharia. And they are all completely wrong. In fact, they couldn't be more wrong.

Let's look at the evidence.

When was the last government sanctioned stoning of an adulteress in America? Or how about the last government execution of a homosexual? Let's talk about honor killings for a moment. How many Christian families have killed their daughters for the horrendous crime of being the victim of rape? Or for falling in love with the wrong guy?

Obviously, at least to the unclouded mind, there is a deep difference between the American fundamentalist Christian and the Islamic fundamentalist. American fundies condemn behavior; Islamic fundies execute those who misbehave.

Now comes the interesting question; why the difference? After all, the laws given in the Old Testament books are just as intolerant and bloody as the Koran. Eye for an eye and all that stuff. So why are fundamentalist Christians not rioting in the street whenever their God is insulted or maligned? Why aren't they out killing rape victims. And when one does go nuts and kills an abortion provider, for example, the fundies almost unanimously denounce the act, and repudiate the murderer.

You just don't see that in Islam.

The difference is that Christians have another book. The Old Testament represents the old law, under the Covenants made with Abraham and Moses. It sets the stage for the coming of Christ the Redeemer, whose sacrifice freed us from the shackles of the Old Covenant, and made for us a New Covenant, one based on love, not laws.

There is no Islamic equivalent to this New Covenant.
Posted by Rich
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To play Devil's Advocate here (ahem) since Judaism has no equivilant to the New Testament/Covenant, why aren't they beheading infidels in the street?

I'm not as familiar as I should be with Muslim doctrine, but in some ways isn't Muhammed their Christ figure, in that he was a charismatic, (to them) divine figure who laid down laws and codes of conduct? Wasn't he their Messiah who happened to advocate killing one's enemies instead of loving them?

Uh and the Pope, hiding out together. And I'm not even Catholic...
Posted by Barry  on  09/16  at  12:48 AM

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