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Wasn't it $250,000 just yesterday?

Let's see, a 20% drop in one day, 8 more days, 20% per day, so by election day, he will be promising not to raise your taxes if you make less than $41,000 per year.

Now that, I might believe...

Seriously, what the heck is up with that $50,000 shift? He acts like it doesn't even exist!
Posted by Rich
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That's a great question. I would like to hear the answer to that one!
Posted by Doug McCaughan  on  10/28  at  10:40 PM

I got the answer. It's word choice. All along he has said, "If you make under $250,000, your taxes will not go up." That still holds. If you make $200,000 or less, your taxes will go down. Between $200,000 and $250,000 you may not see a change.

Joe Biden confused things by saying 95% of Americans make less than $153,000. So when Obama is saying 95% of Americans will receive a tax break, that translates to only people making $153,000 or less will see the tax cuts which doesn't matchup to the $200,000. Personally I think if you are making $150,000 a year, then you probably are doing fine without the tax cut.

People making less than $150,000 could stand the tax cuts. Shoot that number could probably be cut in half but probably not lower than half. If you look at the <a href="" rel="nofollow">definition of poverty</a> we see the Federal poverty level hasn't changed in years and "70 percent of Americans today believe families need about twice the federal povery level to survive." By those numbers, for my 7 person household, we need $56,780 a year to survive. Not get ahead. Just survive. I would agree with that number. The Federal poverty level says my family can get by on $28,390. (Note: That article is from 2005. <a href="" rel="nofollow">The numbers have increased minorly</a> saying my family can survive on $32,000) A tax break for families living at or near that survival level would help with that survivability.
Posted by Doug McCaughan  on  10/29  at  10:33 AM

I raised a family of 8 on Navy pay, roughly $24,000 plus benefits, call it $28,000.

I qualified for WIC, Food Stamps, and Section 8 housing while I served.

I didn't take any of it.

I had a new minivan, 3 TV's, a home computer, stereo, washer and dryer, and nearly every appliance I wanted. We spent about $100/wk on groceries, which meant almost no convenience foods. We didn't go out to eat much, maybe once a month, and we made do with cheap entertainment, but we were more than just "surviving."

As for Obama's tax plan, the numbers just don't add up. He's proposing over a trillion dollars in new spending, while raising taxes on only 5% of the tax base. There will have to be some massive cuts elsewhere in the budget in order to make his numbers work. Remember, in the first debate, he told us that every dime in new spending has been matched with either new revenue or cuts in other spending, and in the second debate, he said that his budget actually reduces total expenditures.

That's his promise to us; want to wager on whether he keeps it?
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  10/29  at  01:17 PM

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