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Dem Bones!
Some Ecuadorian chefs use human thigh bones to add extra taste to their dishes and attract customers, according to an investigation by a local newspaper.

Newspaper Extra has sparked a scandal by interviewing restaurant and café owners who admit to cooking with bones taken from cemeteries.

Chef Carlos Acosta has told Extra he has cooked with the leg bones, known as femurs, for 40 years and that many of his colleagues do the same.

The New Generation hits a snag
West Salem High School cheerleader Andrea Boyes thought she had hit upon a great fund-raising idea for her squad — creating and selling Titan brand bottled water at school events.

Last summer, Boyes got a donation of $750 for startup costs, designed a label bearing her school logo, had 6,000 printed, found a supplier and ordered 15 cases, which were delivered last month.

But her plan hit a snag when beverage giant Pepsi got wind of it.

The company’s exclusive contract with the school district allows only its Aquafina brand water to be sold on school grounds.

Are profit margins at PepsiCo that thin?

The white couple who gave birth to black twins after a mix-up at an IVF clinic are to be allowed to keep the children despite continuing uncertainty over their legal status, a judge ruled yesterday.

The twins are believed to be aged over two. The error came to light only as the parents became aware that the skin tone of their children was different from their own.

Stop that man! He's wearing a skirt!
Gay rights activists are set to converge on a quiet Mexican border town in the wake of moves to criminalise cross-dressing.
Tecate's new town ordinance, scheduled to go into effect in mid-November, bars men from wearing women's clothes.

Men who flout the rule could be arrested and fined.

Transgressors would not face a jail term, although officials said that in practice it may mean imprisoning people at least overnight.

"The majority of votes for this was to avoid Aids, and prostitution if possible," Tecate councilman Cosme Cazares said.

Here that ladies? Wearing a dress can cause AIDS. And all this time we thought it was a virus.

He said s(he) said.
JAMIE McCulloch had a big day yesterday. In the morning, the Gay Games athlete played in the Boston men's ice hockey team. In the afternoon, she was back on the rink for the women's team.

McCulloch is one of a handful of transgender athletes competing at the Sydney 2002 Games who have found themselves in the middle of growing consternation about who they should be competing against.

So, if (s)he's a girl, why is (s)he playing on the men's team? And which locker room did she use?
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