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SKBubba Shuts Down the Shop

South Knox Bubba is no more. And I've got very mixed feelings about it.

On the one hand, he was the worst of the firebrands; he'd do anything, use any tool to win his point. He'd use distortion, innuendo, and outright deception if he thought it would give him the advantage. According to some other bloggers, he wasn't above changing posts or deleting them outright in order to protect himself from critics who would use his words against him. While I never ran into that, he did redirect any links I made to any post of his to Free Republic, making it difficult for a reader to follow the argument. He was intemperate, and took ideological arguments as personal attacks, resulting in conflicts with several members of the RTB, leading to the resignation of one.

On the other hand, he was passionate about his beliefs, and on his web page, supported them 150%. Once you got past his virulent hatred of all things conservative (an altogether different thing than being strongly progressive), he could be charming, amusing, and devastatingly accurate in his assesments, most notably those on local politics. He consistently supported the progressive point of view, to a fault at times, and although there were instances where he would admit that in real life, he was not the ardent liberal he portrayed on the page, it always seemed that Bubba was the man he wanted to be in the real world as well as the virtual.

I'll be interested to see if Randy now becomes more politically involved in the real world, or if he'll remain on the sidelines, supporting the protestors, but never actually joining them.

That would be too bad.

Because even though I disagree with him on many (most) issues, and even though I think his tactics at times bordered on abusive, it's sad to think of that passionate voice falling totally silent.

As for the RTB, it will survive, and continue to grow. Either Uncle, or me, or somebody else will resore the mailing list and the list of member past and present. A new message board will be built and the RTB will go on. Maybe we'll even hear from SKB from time to time on the boards. If I know him at all, he won't be able to be quiet for long.
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