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So, Let’s Sum Up

If you believe Scott Moore's testimony, then you must believe the following:
  • That Scott Moore spent 3 hours on the phone from Jan 12 through Jan 31 with Chucky Bolus, his former campaign manager, and the man he nominated for the 2nd district seat b, without ever discussing the nomination.
  • That Scott Moore spent an hour and a half during the same time period talking to Lee Tramel, the man he backed for district 4 seat b, again, without ever discussing the nominating process.
  • That Scott Moore spent an incredible 7 hours talking to Greg "Lumpy" Lambert during the same time period without ever discussing nominations.
  • That Scott Moore's call to "Prince" John Valliant moments before he (Valliant) escorted Chucky Bolus to get sworn in early, was totally unrelated to the process.
  • That Chucky Bolus decided all by himself to go find Chancellor Fansler and get sworn in early, even though a group swearing in ceremony was scheduled for later in the afternoon, and despite the fact that Richard Cate, appointed earlier to seat 4a, admitted that he had been pressured to swear in early in order to replace Schmid and get another Hutchison man on the Commission

You must also believe in the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and the Great Pumpkin.
Posted by Rich
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"And what did you get for Halloween, Charlie Brown?"

"I got a rock..."
Posted by Barry  on  09/24  at  08:56 AM

Unbelievable. So, as I understand it, the plaintiff only needs enough evidence to swing their way. And it has appeared since Day 1 that is not going to be a difficult task.

It's unfortunate that something can't be done about the perjury going on in that courtroom. Everyone except Scoobie, Chuck Bolus and Lambert can see right through it.
Posted by unbelievable  on  09/24  at  09:26 AM

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