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So, Why Does Fulmer Make More Money than Bruce Pearl?

Pearl leads his Vols to a #1 ranking in the upcoming AP poll.
Fulmer leads the nation as well, but only in number of players he's had arrested.

I guess that's why he gets paid so much. He needs the money to bail his team out of jail.
Posted by Rich
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No, based on an election poster I saw the other day, it looks like Phil needs the money to support his campaign for Knox County Sheriff....So he can spend more time with his players!
Posted by Mike  on  02/24  at  09:33 PM

He makes more than Pat too doesn't he...never understood that either.

Did you see this: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Posted by Mushy  on  02/25  at  09:35 AM

"he's had arrested"?

C'mon, Rich....

For one thing, Fulmer has a National Championship. Pearl doesn't, yet. Fulmer has 2 SEC Championships, and has played in (I think) 5 SEC Championship games. Pearl's Vols has yet to win an SEC Tourney or regular season title. Like I said, as of yet.

Fulmer has been head coach at UT for 15 years. Pearl's been here for 3. Further, Fulmer's been an Assistant Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, and several other coaching positions for many, many years - not to mention having played at UT. Pearl has done none of those things.

Finally, football is still the big money sport, and brings in more cash than basketball. Simply a matter of economics now.

(I can also mention Pat Summit's been coach of the Lady Vols for, what, 30+ years, and has 7 National Title and many more SEC Titles.

The Basketball team just got officially ranked #1 (I just checked and haven't yet won any titles - only the SEC east in 2005-06.

Does all that add up to Pearl suddenly getting an instant raise to meet and exceed Fulmer and Summitt?

I agree he's a spectacular coach and we're extremely fortunate to have him, but come on, be realistic smile I'd expect to hear that kind of commentary from Small Mike on the Basilio show...
Posted by Barry  on  02/25  at  01:42 PM

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