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Speaking of Illegal Immigration

One of the favorite gambits from the left is to loudly proclaim that either in addition to or in place of border security, we should levy fines against companies that hire the illegals. They reason that if illegal aliens couldn't find work, then they wouldn't come here illegally.

I think it's a brilliant plan. In fact, I think we should take the very same logic and apply it in many other areas.

  • Fine landlords who rent to illegals. If they can't find a place to live, they won't come here illegally, right?
  • Fine doctors who provide medical treatment for illegals. If they can't get medical care, they won't come here illegally, right?
  • Fine anybody who sells a car to an illegal. If they can't get wheels, they won't come here illegally, right?
  • Fine any utility that supplies power, water, or sewer services to illegals. If they can't turn on the lights, they won't come here illegally, right?

It's really a wonderful idea the libs have come up with, isn't it? Just deny those here illegally all the benefits of being here, and they won't come here illegally.

But for some reason, most libs seem to lack the courage of their convictions. They stop with fining the employers. It's as if the libs think it's okay to take money from illegal aliens in exchange for food, clothing, housing, etc; it's just not okay to let them earn that money.

It's very puzzling.
Posted by Rich
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One of the favorite gambits from the left is to loudly proclaim that either in addition to or in place of border security, we should levy fines against companies that hire the illegals.

I hear this as much from the conservative side as I do the liberal. Well, I only hear it from the conservative, but that doesn't mean the ideas don't exist in liberals as well, I guess. I don't really think it's a liberal/conservative split so much as it is a dumb/not-dumb split..
Posted by Chris Wage  on  11/13  at  04:01 AM

You must consider the source ... if a conservative says it, it must be a bad thing. If a liberal says the same thing, it must be good.

Same thing goes for the war in Iraq ... Conservatives have been saying that we need to stay the course, get the Iraqi government set up and strong, then start pulling out. They lost the elections on that. Now, the freshman class of Dems is saying the same thing, and is being hailed as the salvation of our country.

Go figure, eh?
Posted by LissaKay  on  11/13  at  07:20 AM

Chris, that's the first time I've heard Harold Ford described as a conservative.

Or as dumb.
Posted by rich  on  11/13  at  08:54 AM

Really? You should have been in Nashville a few days before the election.. smile

If Harold Ford is a liberal, I'll eat my jockstrap.

(fortunately, I don't own a jockstrap)
Posted by Chris Wage  on  11/13  at  10:37 PM

Actually, I'm a progressive/liberal and I think your plan has some merit. I hadn't actually considered it before and, I would have to consider it a chicken/egg thing but still ... . Without the lure of a job and money to send home, I doubt that we would have a reason to have a conversation about auto sales and utility service. However(comma) depriving them of those comfort agents does make some sense.

On the other hand, I am somewhat loathe to spank a baby for reaching out to take the candy that is being offered to it. It makes much more sense to punish and/or reason with the "responsible adult" who is holding out the candy.

I too would like to improve my lot in life, my station. I have a hard time assigning blame for others who want the same. Their methodology opens them up for some criticism and prosecution but, to mix legal metaphors, it is up to the owner of the swimming pool to put up the fence even if you can and do prosecute the skinny dipping teenagers for trespassing.

So go ahead, implement your ideas just, not to the amelioration of the infractions of the employer class.

Posted by CAFKIA  on  11/15  at  09:14 PM

Actually, that's not my plan, just an extension of one that I've heard thrown around.

My plan would be to require those currently here to return home, and re-enter legally through newly broadened quotas for unskilled labor. I'd also like to see those visas attached to the immigrant, not the employer. At the same time, our border should be made secure, by the most effective means practical.
Posted by rich  on  11/16  at  01:29 AM

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