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Stop the Posing, Please!

For those of you out there who think you're being all revolutionary and daring by threatening to "Go John Galt" on Twitter/Facebook/blog, get a grip on reality.

John Galt didn't talk or threaten or posture. He just did what he did because he had to.

So do it or don't, but shut up about it. You're making yourself look silly.

Next thing you know, there will be a bunch of rowdies dressing up like indians and throwing tea into the water.

Oh, wait...
Posted by Rich
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The only problem with the tea parties is that the Brits were deprived of tax revenues by the original version. How can one deprive the feds of their tax revenue now? Other than not earning any taxable income, of course.

May I recommend setting up a nonprofit organization dedicated to the lowering of taxes, which will accept as deductible charitable donations, all income above the limit for low tax rates? Then the feds will be deprived of the tax income, and the nonprofit can work to fix the tax laws. Of course, the protesters in this case would actually have to lose some income to do this. Sort of like the original tea party members risked getting shot or arrested and hung, just not as dangerous.
Posted by Mikee  on  03/09  at  11:05 AM

uh, Galt spent 3 hours on the radio talking to the public. He also had to speak to everyone he recruited in person.
Posted by mulligan  on  03/09  at  05:49 PM

So, who have you recruited? And to do what, specifically? Have you shut down your business? Do you have a business? What innovations have you removed from the marketplace? In what way have you withdrawn your support from a corrupt society that takes the product of your blood, sweat, and tears, and distributes it to those lacking the will or the ingenuity to advance themselves?

In short, are you walking, or just talking?

Incidentally, Galt did not announce his plans prior to putting them into action. He didn't give his radio address until his alternate society was fully operational.

You have read the book, right?
Posted by rich  on  03/09  at  08:22 PM

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