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Stupidity On Parade in Nashville

People have been carrying guns illegally into bars as long as there have been guns and bars and laws against mixing the two. By definition, the folks carrying those guns were criminals, demonstrating a lack of respect for the law, and the property rights of the owner.

Yet somehow, business as usual went on. Bars operated, people drank alcohol, and had a good time. BUt now that Tennessee has passed a law allowing non criminals to carry a gun into a bar, ie HCP holders, bar owners are afraid all hell will break loose. According to an article in The Tennessean, one bar plans on using hand held metal detectors to make sure that none of us dangerous HCP holders bring a gun into their bar.

At Tootsie's, owner Steve Smith plans to go a step further. He started looking Monday for two metal-detecting wands that the honky-tonk's security staff can wield at the two entrances. Smith said the devices, which he expects to set him back at least $2,000, should be in place by the weekend.

Oddly, they weren't as concerned with the criminals who were carrying into their bar for the last 20 years. At least, not enough to spend money on metal detectors.

I support the restaurant owners who post the required signage to keep law abiding citizens from carrying a gun within their establishment. It's their place of business and they can run it as they see fit. That's how this country works. If they chose to take on the liability of maintaining security for their business and their patrons, more power to them. However, since I doubt that they will take on the expensive proposition of providing actual security for those patrons, I will not be eating at any of those establishments.
Posted by Rich
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Well, you have your choice:
A: They either didn't think of it before, or ignored it, and now they can't and they're being fools, or
B: They think they're showing proper 'concern for the issue' and it'll pull in customers scared of the gun-toters.

Of course, as you point out, if one of the crooks who(Amazing!) doesn't obey the law and their sign comes in armed and harms someone, they've just opened themselves up to one hell of a lawsuit("So you decided it was a real threat, enough to put up metal detectors, but you didn't do anything else? And my client was harmed? Turn out your pockets!")
Posted by Firehand  on  07/15  at  07:54 AM

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