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The 3rd Circle of Slime:Governent

I was going to focus this post on the judiciary alone, but as I wrote, I began to realize that it was all of a piece. Whether it is a judge, a congress critter, or some nameless, faceless bureaucrat buried in some dusty cubicle in the depths of some Washington mausoleum writing regulations that automatically and without review become law, they are all working in concert to limit our freedoms.

So I lumped them all together, making what Marines call a "target rich environment." So stand by for the shotgun blast.

Yep, the next stop on our tour of the depths of American Hell stops in Washington DC, as well as every courtroom and every legislative chamber in every city, county and state in this nation. And what will we see here?

Parasitic scoundrels who feed off of us like bloated ticks, sucking us dry while swelling up to loathsome gray blobs of poisonous corrupt flesh. They see themselves as our betters, and as long as we keep giving them power (again, more on this to follow) they're right.

Think about it for a minute, has a single sane decision come out of the federal government in the last couple of decades? We're involved in a war against a shadowy opponent, a war which is redefining the way we wage war, and one that is creating tremendous pressure on our liberties, yet our Supreme Court is deciding weighty issues like "Can the words 'Under God' be part of the Pledge of Allegiance? and "Should marriage be limited to a man and a woman?"

Are they serious? Is that really what's important now? Hell, just a short while ago, our national government was consumed in an investigation into whether their was a drug problem in baseball!

This is a matter for the federal government?

And the rot extends down to states, cities, counties, and villages. Government at every level appears hell-bent on destroying every limitation the Constitution put into place. Every where we go, every time we turn around, someone somewhere is telling us we can't do something. No smoking in a bar. No riding a motorcycle without a helmet. No dancing nekkid. No riding in a car without your seat belt. no drinking unless you're over 21. No marriage unless you apply for a license and the city fathers approve of your choice. No walking down the street at 3am. (Try it in Gatlinburg. There's no law against it, but the local police will stop you and harass you, under the suspicion that you might have been having a good time.)

Not only are our freedoms being eroded, but the intolerable invasions into our privacy keep coming. How is it that the right to privacy extends to a woman killing her baby, but we have to surrender our papers to any police officer who asks, for any reason? How is it that the federal government has passed and expanded the Patriot Act, giving them the right to tap my phone, come into my house without my knowledge or consent, and read my mail, all without any recourse by me.

And once again, it isn't just the feds. How about roadblocks checking for papers? Sounds very East Germanic, doesn't it? I drove through one a few years back. Some county mounty had gotten the bright idea to set up a road block on the main road and he stopped every car, checking for license and registration. During the stop, he took a quick look around the vehicle, looking for anything worth a further search. Legal? It is now. Outrageous? You betcha!

It's come to the point now where if you want to go anywhere outside your home, you are subject to being stopped and questioned by the police for no reason whatsoever!.

"Just checking" is reason enough.

And don't think you're safe inside your home either. If some developer doesn't covet your property, some government agency will be wanting to know just what you do in there. Some laws that have been proposed and/or passed include:
  • No smoking at home
  • No drinking at home
  • No loaded weapons in the home
  • No corporeal punishment of any type
  • Mandatory safety equipment
  • Forcing your home to follow OSHA regulations if you have a home business

And so it goes.

I have two questions for all of you:

When was the last time you heard of a decision in Washington, or your state capitol for that matter, that increased your freedom?

How long are you going to stand for this?
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