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The Awesome Military Might of NATO

The AP reports that NATO strikes badly damaged the Qaddafi compound in Libya.

Hooray NATO!

The headline reads "Qaddafi Compound Nearly Crumbled in NATO Attack"

Then it turns out that they didn't hit anything vital, just a library and a ceremonial meeting hall, equipped, we are told breathlessly, with sofas and chandeliers!

Oh, the horrors of war!

The AP goes on to give a lurid description of the damaged facility:
The main door was blown open, shards of glass were scattered across the ground and picture frames were knocked down.

Picture frames were knocked down! How uncivilized! Are there no bounds to war anymore? When picture frames, sofas, and chandeliers aren't safe in wartime, then who is?

In essense, what the AP is saying is that NATO packs all the punch of a three year old toddler who missed his nap.

Pardon me for a moment. I have to lie down and collect myself.

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