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The Best Response to an Obnoxious Parent I’ve Ever Heard

The game was over and our team had won and won big. In the midst of all the celebration I noticed the head coach engaged in an intense conversation with one of the parents on his team. I eased over in that direction since I needed to talk to the coach about an issue with the sound system. As I got closer, I heard the following conversation:

Obnoxious Parent: My son is the best receiver on your team. Why didn't you throw the ball to him more?

Head Coach: Let me ask you a question first. What defense was the other team lined up in>

OP: Excuse me?

HC: What defense were they lined up in? Were they in a cover one or cover two? Were they blitzing a linebacker or having one drop back into coverage? Was their line playing up tight and pressuring the run, or were they sitting back to cover the pass? Was the safety sliding over to help the corner or was he blitzing up the middle?

OP: I don't know much about defenses; I'm not sure what you're asking me...

HC: If you don't know about the defenses the other team was running, then how can you come up to me and tell me I should have thrown the ball more?

OP: Aaaahh ermmmmm My wife made me come over here!
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