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The Chasm Grows Ever Deeper

katie notes that there is now a bracket group for liberal Tennessee bloggers up at yahoo. The following is my response:

w/ apologies to Tom Hanks
Politics! In Basketball? There's no politics in basketball. There's no politics in basketball!

Running separate brackets for liberals and conservatives would be like holding separate Blogfests for liberals and...oh wait.

Carry on.

So, in the latest, and almost certainly futile attempt to bridge the deep divide between left and right, I announce the next BlogFest. We will be festing on Saturday, April 5th, starting at 6PM at a location to be named later.

One that allows children.

And childish behavior.

So Barry can come and stay this time.

I'm thinking maybe at Borders by West Town.

Any other ideas?
Posted by Rich
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Thank goodness I'll finally have an outlet for my childish behavior smile

I love the idea of a Blogfest at a Borders, but...what can you eat there?
Posted by Barry  on  03/20  at  12:07 AM

Not much food there. Maybe we'll make it a two parter and start at McCallisters. Or there's always the Mandarin House, or Lone Star close by.
Posted by rich  on  03/20  at  01:58 PM

Isn't Borders, um, beer challenged?
Posted by Michael Silence  on  03/21  at  10:15 AM

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