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The Daytona 500!

NASCAR is back, and Tony Stewart is still a jerk.

Ryan Newman and Kurt Busch gave Tony Stewart a lesson in teamwork as they powered their Dodges past the 20 car for the lead and the win at Daytona. Jeff Burton had the lead on the restart, followed by Kyle Busch in the 18 and his teammate Tony Stewart in the 20. Kyle Busch had the dominant car of the race and was in perfect position to take the lead and win the race for Gibbs racing.

That is, the perfect position if his teammate were anybody other than Tony Stewart.

"Smoke" decided that instead of pushing his teammate to the front and then battling for the win, he'd be better off jumping the restart, taking the highline and going for the win himself. His move forced his teammate down the track and beneath the yellow line, where passing is against the rules. Busch was forced to back off and give back any positions he picked up in order to avoid a penalty.

Meanwhile, 4th place car Ryan Newman made a break for the front, aided by his teammate Kyle Busch, who stayed on his teammate's bumper and pushed him right past Tony Stewart, who was unable to block the two Dodges and his teammate at the same time.

You couldn't pay me enough money to be Tony Stewart's teammate.
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