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The Hockey Stick Is A Hoax!

I've been posting about global warming for about 6 years or so, using scientific facts and logical analysis to show just how ridiculous Anthropogenic Global Warming actually is.

You first clue should be that Al Gore, a guy who managed to flunk out of divinity school, is the chief proponent of AGW. Al believes that AGW is such a big deal that his mansion in Nashville uses more electricity than most neighborhoods.

Anyway, one of the best visual aids used by the snake oil salesman was the hockey stick graph, which shows global temperatures spiking in the late 20th century. Now we get news that the hockey stick was a hoax.

Scientists massaging data to reach a politically favorable conclusion in order to keep the grant money coming? Say it ain't so!

Isn't it fascinating how completely corrupting government funding is? By the way, the government will now be funding fetal tissue research and abortion.

Sleep well.
Posted by Rich
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