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The New Comprehensive Swindle

N.Z. Bear has created as easily readable, linkable version of the proposed legislation.

Hugh Hewitt has read through the bill and has compiled his thoughts.

And for comparison purposes, here are the GOP talking points about the bill, also from Hugh Hewitt.

Now then, I'm a fast reader; I've never taken any speed reading courses or anything, but I can get through most novels in a couple of days. But the bill is 350+ pages of lawyer speak and political double talk, and it would take me at least two weeks of study to make sure I had a basic grip on its major provisions.

But the Senate will be voting on this thing as early as Tuesday. What does that tell you about it? If it's a good bill, why not give the folks voting on it time to read and digest it? For that matter,why not give the American people time to figure it out?

I feel like I'm at a used car lot listening to a high pressure sales pitch trying to convince me that a Ford Festiva is really a Mustang with a different body style. All that's missing is the fat salesman with beer breath and a bad comb over.Ted%20Kennedy%201.jpg. Oops, never mind.

Now since there's no hope of getting a comprehensive review of this swindle prior to the vote, the best we can hope to do is look at the GOP talking points, and see how well they match up with what we know of the bill so far.

Starting from the top. the talking points stress that the republicans have demanded that all immigration reform is contingent on first improving border security. Sounds good, but the actual bill reads a bit differently. Upon first reading, it seems to say that the benefits of the bill will not apply until certain acts strengthining the border are completed, like building 370 miles of fence, and hiring 18,000 additional border guards. Except that there appears to be one teeny, tiny, small, barely worth mentioning exception. Something about probationary benefits. So let's take a look at the referenced section on probationary benefits. Page 268 is where we find 601(h),and it says that any illegal applying for probationary benefits must be given those benefits if a background check does not reveal disqualifying information within one business day!

No way. The government can't deliver a letter across town in a singe day. Surely this is a misreading of the bill, right?

Nope. In case the general statement isn't clear enough, check out this from 601(h)(2)
2) Timing of Probationary Benefits.-No probationary
benefits shall be issued to an alien until the alien has
passed all appropriate background checks or the end of the
next business day, whichever is sooner.

Whichever is sooner. Wow.

This one section of the bill, hidden nearly 270 pages deep in the bill, puts the lie to nearly every talking point favoring the bill. An illegal alien merely has to apply, and if the background check takes longer than one business day, he must be granted probationary benefits. There's a short word that describes this; it's called amnesty.

I'm not going to waste any more time going through a line by line analysis of the bill; I've already seen enough. Between the hard sell, the short time for review, and the little surprise hidden 270 pages into the bill, that's three strikes against it as far as I'm concerned.

If Corker or Alexander vote for cloture, or vote to support this bill, I will vote against them at the next opportunity. This is as close as I come to being a single issue voter.

Republicans say this is the best they can do; if so, then they don't deserve to be in charge, now or ever.
Posted by Rich
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