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The Obama Wrap Up

If you can read this post and still vote for Obama, then there really isn't anymore to say. If you don't care about the dishonesty, the lies, the radical positions on taxation, abortion, health care, and defense, if all you see is "Hope" and "Change" then the education system and the media have finished their job.

Here's a question for you. What has Obama accomplished that makes you think he's ready to be President? What has he done? For get the associations, the corruption, the lies, and everything else and just answer o9ne question.

What has this man accomplished the gives him the experience and the record to be President of the United States?
Posted by Rich
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The funny thing is, NO ONE is prepared to be president. NO ONE. It may very well be the only job in the world (oh, except any other leader of any other nation) that has no precedent for training.

By what accomplishments and experience did we elect Bush? And how did that work out, exactly?

My attitude is, let the other guy drive for a while. I think it's good to shake things up once in a while, much like my man Thomas Jefferson.
Posted by Victor Agreda Jr  on  10/21  at  11:58 PM

Sorry Victor, but that's just absolute BS.

While the job of President is unique, there are certainly skills and talents that apply, as well as former experience.

By your argument, Gary the garbageman is just as ready for the presidency as a career diplomat, Senator, Governor, or business executive.

That's ludicrous.

Experience negotiating with competition.
Experience creating a budget and sticking to it.
Experience in leading people towards a worthy goal.
Experience in handling fast breaking crises.

These are all things that can be practiced in jobs other than the presidency, and they all apply to the job.

Where is Obama's experience?

If you're really basing your vote on "letting the other guy drive for awhile," then you are a prtime example of why the elctorate should be restricted.

Why not just flip a coin?
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  10/22  at  08:40 AM

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