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The Obligatory Brokeback Mountain Post


The following post may be deemed offensive by people sensitive to the needs of people living with alternate sexualities, those who in fact have alternate sexualities, those with no discernable sexuality at all, liberals, and sheep. For these people, and the rest of the humor impaired, I suggest you do not hit the "more" link, and instead spend the next 5 minutes or so in meditative contemplation on the wonders of our world. For the rest of us, onward, but certainly not upward... Has anyone else noticed the irony of a movie featuring gay shephards? Why are folks so happy about it, like it's a major revelation or something. Are we celebrating the progress of shepherds from bestiality to homosexuality?

"Hell Martha, at least them boys have finally latched onto the right species! Sell my stock in Velcro!"

And why do all the ads and commentary call it a movie about gay cowboys? Are there any cows in the movie, much less herds of cattle? How about a stampede? Everybody knows you can't have a movie about cowboys without a stampede.

Do sheep even stampede? I'd bet not, because if they did, the first shepherd to ever pull the wool over his thighs would never have survived the experience. He'd have been found dead in the pasture with his pants around his ankles and little hoof prints all over his body.

But hey, it's a great movie, all the critics love it, and you chould all go and see it. For me, I'm just going to watch The Cowboys with John Wayne before Ang Lee remakes it into a NAMBLA wet dream.
Posted by Rich
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