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The Shooting

I'd write a long meaningful post about the shooting, but what can I say that hasn't already been said? I've just been swimming through the filth that is the KNS comment pool, and believe me, I've come away from it with a whole new view of my fellow Knoxvillians.

It isn't pretty.

Atheists, agnostics, fundamentalists, gun nuts, gun control nuts; all of them using this tragedy to claim victory for their side of the argument.

It's sickening, and for the first time, I'm happy that my comments section is mostly vacant. If I stimulated that kind of response, I think I'd have to stop writing.

What's really scary is that some of the comments have been deleted, indicating that there's even worse stuff floating around out there.
Posted by Rich
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I wonder how the Atheist commenters on the KNS would respond if they knew that part of the regular congregation of the TVUUC consists of ...wait for it...Atheists.
Posted by Doug McCaughan  on  08/03  at  10:31 AM

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