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The Shots Across the Bow 2006 Voters Guide

Early voting is underway and to help you all out in deciding who to vote for, I've put together the Shots Across the Bow Voter's Guide. Here in one place I address all the major issues, showing you the differences between the parties so you can make an informed choice when you get into the booth. Sure, the News Sentinel has their version, but who do want to trust, a major conglomerate or a pajama clad blogger?

Never mind; don't answer that.

Without further ado, the voting guide.

Oops, I forgot to mention that this is my first podcast. Very low tech for now; I don't even have any bumper music. You'll just have to settle for me! Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: While it plays at a reasonable volume on my laptop, I've gotten a couple of reports that it's too quiet, so I replaced the original file with one that should be louder.
Posted by Rich
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That's funny. I usually disagree with you, but that's funny.

I did find the volume a little low.
Posted by John  on  10/19  at  08:44 AM

Hah. That's funny.
Posted by SayUncle  on  10/19  at  09:34 PM

Made me laugh. Nice.
Posted by Jigsha  on  10/24  at  10:19 AM

You've summed it up beautifully!
Posted by Frank Murphy  on  10/25  at  02:53 PM

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