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The Tennessee Curse is Alive and Well

Beat Tennessee at your own risk.

Every team that has beaten Tennessee this season, and there are a lot of them, have gone on to lose their next game. UCLA got creamed by BYU; Florida lost to Ole Miss, and now Auburn is the latest to fall victim to the Volunteer Virus, dropping a close one to SEC East powerhouse...Vandy?

This is about the biggest worry the Georgia Bulldogs should have next week, since they really don't have to worry about the Vol offense.

Or defense.

Looking at the upcoming schedule, does anybody see 4 winnable games?

I'm thinking it's time to look to B4.

Bring Back Bill Battle.
Posted by Rich
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Did you watch the game? The UT defense was on the field for over 33 minutes and gave up only 9 points to a team that is averaging 35 ppg. What more do you want from them? This was actually their worst performance of the year.

Obviously the offense has issues. But maybe the quarterback issue is finally resolved. If (big if) UT gets them halfway resolved, they will win some ball games. See above.

Also, Vandy is in the SEC East, is now 5 - 0 (3 - 0 SEC), with those SEC wins coming against South Carolina (beat Ole Miss), Ole Miss (beat Florida), and Auburn (played LSU close, I guess). So, Vandy beating Auburn is not that big of a surprise (not in terms of Vandy's current season as a whole being a surprise, that is.).

Oh, and UCLA got destroyed by BYU (not Oregon) the week after they beat us.
Posted by Blake  on  10/05  at  02:18 AM

BYU correction made.

You are living in a fantasy land.

Tell you what. The Vols need 4 more wins to avoid a losing season. Assuming they beat Wyoming, a big assumption at this point, they need to beat three SEC teams. You can forget Georgia and Alabama, which leaves you with Miss St, So Car, Vady, and Kentucky. Pick the three you think we'll win, and I'll give you 10-1 against the Vols winning all three games.
Posted by Rich Hailey  on  10/06  at  12:04 AM

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