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The Trial Continues:  The Afternoon Session

1:29 Court is called back into session.

1:30 Video replay resumes with election of district1a. Jordon nominates her son, Josh. Harmon nominates Helen Lewis. Smith nominates Nick DellaVolpe. Had to spell it;couldn't pronounce it. But he knows about him to nominate him for County Commission. James Golden nominated himself. Robin Brothers nominated herself. Norman initially passes, then votes for Jordan. Jordan wins 16-1-1 NO discussion at all.

1:36 District seat 2b Mark Harmon nominates Amy Broyles. Norman nominates Jonathen Wimmer. Smith nominates Deborah Porter. Moore nominates Charles Bolus. Charles Giles nominates Joseph WiIliams. Billy Tindell tries to stump for Jonathan Wimmer. Ballard passes, then votes for Broyles. Bolus 7 Wimmer 6 Broyles 3 Porter 2 Williams 0 and is dropped.

1:42 Second vote Bolus 7 Wimmer 6 Broyles 2 Porter 2. Ballard abstains

1:46 Third vote Bolus 6 Wimmer 6 Broyles 3 Porter 3 Ballard votes Broyles. Ivan Harmon switches to Porter.

1:49 Short recess.

2:01 Short recess becomes less short.

2:03 Fourth vote. After the short, non-deliberative 14 minute recess: Strickland, Ivan Harmon,and Smith all switch from Porter to Bolus, Mills switches from Wimmer to Bolus, and Ballard switches from Broyles to Bolus. Jordan is late to the vote. Bolus wins 11-5-2. NO public discussions at all.

2:07 Seat 5c and a short 5 minute break for the court. 5 real minutes, not commission minutes.

2:10 Norman nominates Theresa Shupp. Griess nominates Frank Leuthold with a speech about how wonderful he is and the pension plan. Hammond echoes Griess and says that Leuthold will not seek re-election. Lambert nominates Robin Butler. Bayard Donahoo nominates Tom Salter. Leuthold 15 Shupp 1 Butler 1 Salter 1. NO discussion at all.

2:16 Seat 6a Lambert nominates Sharon Cawood. Smith nominates Howard Phillips. Charles Giles nominates Jimmie Shelton. Cawood wins 15-2-0. NO public discussion at all.

2:20 Seat 8b Mark Harmon nominates Maurice Freed. Mills nominates Jack Huddleston. Rodney McCroskey nominates Kay Frazier with fervor. Bill Young nominates Tom Pressley. Huddleston wins 17-1. NO public discussion.

2:25 Seat 9a Mark Harmon nominates Martin Pleasant. Clark nominates Tim Greene. Matt Myers nominates Josh Lowe. Josh Lowe nominates Matt Myers. Nomination for the "Good Guest," who knows when it's time to leave. Rubye Wright nominates herself. Anthony McMahan nominates Ronald Lee Tucker, "This is a travesty." Greene 17 Pleasant 1. NO public discussion.

2:32 5 minute recess.

2:40 Seat 4b. Chuck Bolus sworn in earlier, Schmid "duplicitous and underhanded...insult to the people of the 4th district...selective swearing in is stinking up the room." Guthe notes that a new commissioner is seated so starting from scratch with 4b. Lambert asks that any other new appointees can take their oath and take their seat. Schmid makes the motion. No second. Chairman Moore says we don't have time to take a recess. Schmid withdraws the motion. Harmon nominates Elaine Davis. Norman nominates WIlliam Daniels. Ivan Harmon nominates Lee Tramel. Guthe nominates Jim Smelcher. Hammond nominates Scott Davis. Scott Davis withdraws his name, saying he hates seeing what is happening on the commission, and he wants it to move forward and get past the fighting. Oddly, there has been no fighting evident during the nomination and voting process. Tramel wins 12-4 Smelcher-1 Ms. Davis-1 Daniels. Hammond, Ballard, and Mills joined the Tramel group after Davis withdrew. NO public discussion whatsoever.

2:56 Video ends. Audio and private video for tomorrow.
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How interesting that during the pregnant pause after Schmid's motion gets no second, Moore would remark that there is no time for a recess. Why was he even thinking about recess? Did Schmid move that the commission play some kickball?
Posted by  on  09/17  at  03:53 PM

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