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The World’s Biggest Con Job

Last week, we celebrated the 36th anniversary of the greatest swindle ever conducted in the history of the earth. The scope of the con is breath-taking, and its success unparalleled as the marks continue to sign on even after almost 4 decades.

Of course, I'm talking about abortion.

Convincing women that abortion was something they wanted, something that they should fight for, was the greatest thing to ever happen to men. Think about it for a minute. If you're an immature, irresponsible guy looking for an excuse to spray sperm anywhere and everywhere, having women march for abortion rights was like entering the promised land. Where before, if you got a girl pregnant, you were looking at ducking an angry father, paying hundreds of thousands in child support over 18 years, or going to jail, now there was a new option on the table. A few hundred dollars and you're away free and clear.

And she's the one that asked for it! That's the beauty of the con! The lowlife loser gets to move on down the line to his next victim without a care in the world, because it was her body, her choice.

How many women do you think have abortions because they know that the sperm donor won't be a good father? How many abortions are performed on women whose partner told them that they weren't going to be around, no matter what? How many women get abortions because they know that even with child support, raising a baby on their own is going to be a tremendous burden on them, a "punishment" as our President called it? 60%? More than that?

It's quite the racket and it's making quite a bit of money for the industry as well. And now that the federal government is going to fund embryonic stem cell research, well, let's just say that I'm certain that the abortion clinics won't be giving that little lump of tissue away.

And the reason this is such a good con, why it's the greatest swindle in history is that even though everything I said is the truth, any pro-choice woman who reads this is going to be pissed off, not at the swindlers, but at me, for pointing out the truth. Abortion enables irresponsibility, not for the woman, but for the jerks out there who take advantage of women.

But then again, it's your choice who you sleep with, right?
Posted by Rich
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