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They Still Don’t Get It

David Oatney says that he's certain that Jack McElroy had an ulterior motive in filing the Open Meetings Act lawsuit against the Knox County Commission. That's a view shared by many on the commission and their supporters, who defend the actions of the commission by claiming that this whole thing was a witch hunt aimed at returning control of the commission to County Mayor Mike Ragsdale.

At several points during the trial process, I talked to commissioners and their supporters who were eager to point out that there was really nothing new in what happened on Jan. 31st. The only reason the Sentinel made a fuss about it was that their side lost. A couple of commissioners made that argument on the witness stand.

The fact that's lost on all of these people is that the Sentinel's motives in filing the suit are completely irrelevant to the merits of the suit. The fact remains that the Commission violated the law, and they got caught at it.

Having watched the commissioners during their testimony, and more importantly,listened to their conversations during the breaks,one thing is clear; many, if not most of them,believe they did nothing wrong, and that this was all a big waste of time.

Depending on how Chancellor Fansler rules, they could be right.

By the way, we're already hearing about how much this trial cost the county. Don't believe it for a second. Fansler, Stackhouse, and Owings are all on salary. The bailiffs, and court stenographers are hourly, but they would have been covering another trial if not this one. Moncier and Hollow will be paid by the Sentinel. The only extra costs associated with this trial will be meals for the jurors. So when you see numbers like $300,000 dollars for the trial floated around, remember that the overwhelming majority of that money would have been spent whether we had this trial or not.
Posted by Rich
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Thank you for pointing out those two glaring issues. How can we knock some sense in the Scoobie, Lumpy, Pinky group?

And if they insist on talking about how much this cost the county and ignore your point, can we rest this cost on the shoulders of John Owings whose counsel has been flawed from the beginning?
Posted by D. MacIntosh  on  10/03  at  12:38 PM

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