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Third Verse, Same as the First

by Richard Hailey
Just last night, I was reminded of
Just how bad it had gotten and
Just how sick
I had become.

Violent Femmes

Testimony in the Open Meetings Act lawsuit brought by the Knoxville News Sentinel against the Knox County Commission has reached a kind of relentless sameness as commissioner after commissioner admit to deliberating over everything from how the appointment process will be handled to which candidates would be appointed, and all outside of the public eye. This morning it was former Commissioner Guthe on the stand. While he tried to take a more conciliatory tone on the stand than did Commissioner Smith on Monday, his testimony was no less damaging to the defense. Mr.Guthe testified that he abstained from voting for either Davis or Tramel both because he was angry that his choice for his replacement wasn't honored, as he had honoered other commissioners, and because "[I]t was understood that one candidate would get ten votes."
Mr. Hollow "And that candidate was Mr. Tramel."
Mr. Guthe "Yes."
Mr. Hollow "And that those people worked somehow, someway, somewhere other than at the meeting [Jan 31st] to make that come about?"
Mr. Guthe "I'm sure of it."

Mr Herb Moncier, representing the nine Knox County citizens who joined with Knoxville News Sentinel Editor Jack McElroy's suit against County Commission has begun working a new angle into his questioning. While it has no bearing on the case at hand, Moncier is making sure the jury, and the people following this case at home, know that incumbents have a huge advantage during an election cycle,and that these 8 commissioners will be running as incumbents unless Chancellor Daryl Fansler removes them from their seats as a result of this lawsuit.

This afternoon's testimony is expected to be taken up with former Chancellor Schmid's testimony.
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