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This is a Joke, Right?

Brian is shocked at the depths of depravity exhibited by the News Sentinel and Michael Silence.
To the contrary, the News-Sentinel continues to lower its standards, led by none other than the News-Sentinel's standard bearer of working with on the Internet, Michael Silence.

Three obscenities in one sentence! Just when you think the News-Sentinel can't go any lower, they continue to stoop lower and lower.

Wow. It must have been a really bad post. Here is the post, in its entirety:
TV, Tweeter and Tweets and being a smart ass

The only thing better than sitting on the couch and making smart ass comments while watching the debates is sitting on the couch making smart ass comments while watching the debates and watching everyone else make smart ass comments.

Apparently, Brian finds the word ass obscene, which is interesting since the word obscenity specifically refers to things which appeal solely to the prurient interests. In other words, it makes you feel funny down there.

At the worst, Michael can be accused of copying a vulgarity. A vulgarity in common usage in our schools, (Oh, the children!) on playgrounds and in gymnasiums all over the country. A vulgarity which appears in the Bible some 90 times.(Gasp!)

How asinine!
Posted by Rich
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As the smart ass who wrote the original post Mr. Silence referenced, I'd like to invite Brian to bite my, uh, mule?

Now I'm going to get my ass back to perfecting my smart ass commentary. Wait, that sentence only contained two instances of "ass". How can I fix it?


I feel better now.
Posted by sadcox  on  04/19  at  06:41 PM

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