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Thursday Answer

Congratulations to Lissa Kay of Oh...Really? who answered correctly that the actress was Diane Lane.

I think they must share a shoe fetish.

In comments, several people have said they already know the movie in question,which was a danger of the design of this contest, so I'l have to use a different approach next week.
Posted by Rich
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My point precisely. The bombshell of the 60s, Monroe, could sing, dance and act, as well as being beautiful. Smith was famous for her boobs..
Posted by wedding rings  on  11/16  at  12:58 AM

I hope this was a facetious comment - I see little to compare, especially where talent is concerned......
Posted by jewellery  on  11/24  at  02:42 AM

i agree with u..
Posted by jewelry boxes  on  11/26  at  02:06 AM

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