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Time Well Spent

Rather than watch Fulmer's Follies, we went out to Calhoun's for a little food, fun, and lively conversation with Knoxville area bloggers and Twitterers. Attending the festivities were:

Doug and Cathy, the Blogging McCaughans
Rich and Lissa, the BlogFest Monarchs
Glenn and Helen, the Blogfather and the Docter
Isaac, the starving son
Boriqua, of Patties Pop Culture Paradise
Mark and Ann, the star crossed lovers
Jen McClurg and her escort.

It's great to get a chance to meet up in real life and remember that there is more to life than our current obsessions and that people are more than just pixels. It was nice to see Glenn and Helen again, although by the sound of it, we'll be seeing a lot more of Glenn in the near future. Mark and Ann gave us a drive-by wave as they went in search of a restaurant that hadn't caved in to Tennessee's draconian smoking bans. Doug and Cathy were as charming as always, and Cathy liked my hair so I get a reprieve on the whole haircut thing. Patty and Jen were our rookies tonight, and I hope they had a good time.

We'll be doing it again soon, probably right after the election, so keep your earsopen for the announcement.

And Doug, I Love You Man!
Posted by Rich
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Thanks for pulling together another successfully Blogfest!
Posted by Doug McCaughan  on  09/28  at  09:44 AM

Sorry I was unable to make it to this one. Hope to see you guys next time!
Posted by Tish  on  09/28  at  07:05 PM

Wish I could've been there. Saturday night was ballgame night, and all-day birthday party for Tink...
Posted by Barry  on  09/29  at  09:08 AM

Sorry, guys ... We *promise* to come sit down next time --- we're blaming post-game depression for our severe nicotine fits. *snicker*
Posted by Mark Steel  on  10/01  at  01:00 PM

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