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Trying to find a silver lining

On Gas Prices:
  • Gas prices are high enough now that alternative energy sources may actually be competitive, which will stir research and development.
  • I wanted to spend more time at home with the kids anyway.
  • It's good for the long term economy. Here's my thinking. Interest rates were lowered to nearly 0% to bring us out of recession. We had to lower them so far that there are no more bullets for that gun, unless we crank 'em back up. High gas prices will have an inflationary effect, allowing the Fed to get interest rates back up to where saving becomes attractive again, and credit costs will discourage overspending on the part of the people.

On the Iraqi Draft Constitution:
  • That it exists in the first place
  • The fact that it isn't exactly the way we want it is proof that the Iraqis are running their own country
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