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Unintended Silver Lining:  A Cynical Post that is Sure to Offend Most Everybody

Mark Steyn, among others, has made a big deal about the disparity in birthrates between Christians and Muslims, particularly in Europe. Others have noticed a similar discrepancy here in the good old US of A, and are sounding alarm bells, warning the Muslims may soon import sharia here, just like they're doing in Europe.

Not to worry folks; it's not going to be an issue.

Once we allow the 12-20 million illegal immigrants already here to remain here legally, most of them devout Catholics, and allow them to import their extended families, low birthrates will no longer be an issue. And while we may be too sensitive and multicultural to oppose sharia effectively, I'm betting our newest American citizens will see the situation entirely differently.
Posted by Rich
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Interesting POV. I have to agree with it to a certain degree.
Posted by Robert  on  12/07  at  09:31 PM

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Posted by anonimousa  on  10/15  at  11:30 PM

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