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Union Insanity on Display

If you want proof that unions are counterproductive and reduce efficiency and performance, all you need to do is look at the current controversy over teachers and tenure. Here in Tennessee, Gov Haslam gave his State of the State speech. In it, he said that the criteria for keeping teachers should be their effectiveness as teachers, and not their longevity. Achievement, not seniority should rule when layoffs come around. Predictably, the unions are against this.

What amazes me in all this is the implicit admission that under union rules, the teachers kept the longest are not necessarily the best teachers. In fact, teacher's unions are admitting that their rules are designed to protect inferior teachers. If, as Gov Haslam suggests, teacher retention were based on teacher performance, then by definition, the teachers with the most seniority would also be the best teachers.

I don't know precisely how the liberal mind works, but to me, a system which automatically rewards and protects the best teachers is the one I would like to see used in our schools instead of the one that by design protects the weaker teachers. Then again, I'm funny that way. I believe that the purpose of schools is to educate our children, not to provide jobs for those who can't do anything else.

And before you go off on a rant about how many good teachers there are out there, and how dare I attack them, re-read the post. I'm not attacking teachers; I'm attacking their union, and I'm attacking those specific teachers who are more concerned about their seniority than about whether or not their pupils are performing to their full potential. I work in the real world. If I don't produce; I'm out of a job, regardless of how long I've been working there.

Why should teachers be any different?
Posted by Rich
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